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Popcorn Time APK – The Best Movie App

Popcorn Time APK is one of the best movie apps that you can download for your Android device. This is the app to have if you want to watch the best and the newest movies and TV shows.

Popcorn Time Features:

  • The HD quality, quick loading time and seamless viewing experience with no ads.
  • Running perfectly on all Android devices
  • You can watch movies online
  • All movies and TV shows come with subtitles or dubbed
  • The app and all of its functions are free
  • Installing Popcorn Time Android


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Popcorn Time For Android

Popcorn Time Android is an app that will allow you to watch movies and TV shows on your phone or any other Android device for free, without downloading anything.

So, how does that work?

Well, the app will take the file for the movie or TV show you want to watch and it will stream it on your device. You are probably familiar with the Windows version available. The Popcorn Time Android works in a similar way.

Popcorn Time is an open source torrent client which also has a media player built in. This allows you to have high quality video streaming and on many platforms too.

popcorn time apk install

However, this app is not available on Google Play. Still, you can download it through its Popcorn Time .APK file which you’ll be able to find through the Popcorn Time website.

Once you download the app, you have to open the .APK file on your file explorer or any other file where it’s been downloaded and click on the ‘Install’ button. Before you do that, you will need to allow your device to install apps sources other than Google Play  like the Popcorn Time website.

Step 1: To do that, you should go to your settings file, click on Security and then on Unknown sources.

Step 2: Then you need to enable the option by ticking it and that’s it.

Step 3: After that, open your Popcorn Time .APK file and click on Install button.

Step 4: This will make your device download the app and you will have Popcorn Movies  Android.

When you want to download the Popcorn Movies on Android TV, for your Android Box, you have to completely sync the TV and your mobile device.

popcorn time on android box

Popcorn Time For Android TV

They have to have the same local network, both have an ESFE browser installed, and Popcorn Time .APK for TV downloaded on your Android mobile device.

To transfer the Popcorn Time Android TV, you need to open the ESFE app and then open the app on your Android mobile device. Navigate to where the app was downloaded and then tap and hold on the APK file that you downloaded.

The menu of options should jump out and you should choose the Send option. Then, the app will look for other ESFE sessions and it will find your Android TV. Select a folder where you want to place it and click OK. The APK file will be downloaded in a few seconds.

When you do that, you should select the Open option and Install option twice. After a while, your TV device will tell you that your Popcorn Time app was downloaded.

How To Install Popcorn Time on Tablet With Android

To install the Popcorn Time APK file on your tablet, you just have to follow a similar process as you would on your smartphone.

  1. Download Popcorn movie app APK file from the Popcorn Time website
  2. Enable the downloads from the Popcorn Time Website
  3. Open the Popcorn Time APK file and then click on Install
  4. Install it on your tablet device and then enjoy unlimited movies and TV shows

popcorn time on firestick

Installing Popcorn Time App on FireStick

This guide will help you download your Popcorn Time app on your FireStick remote. If you are worried about the space on your Android Firestick device, you don’t really need to, either. You just need to have enough space to watch what you want because of the cashe that’s stored in the process.

After you close the app, all of that cache is deleted, not stored. So, you don’t need a ton of extra space.

Popcorn Time Android is an app that allows you to watch your favorite movies and TV shows. It has a very good array of choices when it comes to movies and TV Shows you get to watch it in full HD which is amazing.

Popcorn Time Android was designed for mobile Android devices but you can use it with Android TV devices, especially FireStick. Keep in mind that using a VPN is highly recommended due to global content sharing and viewing policies..

The FireStick doesn’t allow you to download straight from your browser, especially APK files, So, you will need an app as a support to help you loading the file onto Firestick.

Step 1: For these purposes, you can use either ES File Explorer or Downloader. You don’t need both, just one to install your Popcorn Time Android. The first thing you need to do is download the app – one of the two – from your Amazon Store. Then you need to click search on the Amazon FireStick and type in which app you want to download. Then click on the app you want and download the app by following instructions.

Step 2: Then you should enable downloads from this source and the installation can begin. The device will throw you a warning that you may have some issues but Popcorn Time Android is safe and will not harm any of your devices.

Step 3: If you opt for the Downloader, then you have probably picked a more convenient way to download your Popcorn Time Android APK file on your FireStick. Here is what you need to do:

Step 4: Open the app for Downloading or your Downloader App

Step 5: Select home which will probably already be selected already because this is a default setting. Then go select the OK button which you will be able to find on your remote controller when you arrive at the URL button.

Step 6: When the window opens, you should type in the URL that goes like this: https://www.firesticktricks.com/pct and click on Go option.

Step 7: The download is quick and it should take no longer than 2 or 3 minutes. Wait for it to finish.

Step 8: When it’s downloaded, you can run it from the Downloader and it will start installing the app.

Step 9: You should then be able to see the window which will have the next option, like most installation windows. Click on it and it  will change into the Install option.

Step 10: Click on the install option

Step 11: Let the FireStick install Popcorn movie app and again, it should take no longer than 4 minutes

Step 12: You will get a notification when the app is installed and then you can click on Open to turn the app on.

Step 13: For the time being, click on done and erase the Popcorn Time APK file because it has no use to the app installed and it will optimize your storage which is limited on FireStick.

popcorn time android

Here are the guidelines if you want to use the ES file explorer:

After you launch the ES file explorer, you should click on the downloader icon

Then, navigate and click on New

After that, you will see a window which will let you type in two text fields.

Then, you’ll see the space which will say Path, you should enter the same link we mentioned above in the Downloader guideline

The other space is called Name and you can type in any name you can think of there without it affecting the outcome. But for the purposes, call the file Popcorn Time, Popcorn Movies or something similar you like and that you can remember for when you need to find the file.

  1. Click on the Download option
  2. Let the ES file explorer download the Popcorn Time APK which will take only 3 minutes.
  3. Then, click on open file when it’s finally downloaded
  4. Click on the Install when when the dialogue box opens
  5. Go to the space that says Next when the window opens and then on Install
  6. Click on the Install and give it time, about two or three minutes.
  7. The app will notify you when it has downloaded and ready.
  8. If you want to run it, you should click on Run or Open to open the app and Done if you want to go back and erase the Popcorn Time APK file which will have no effect on the app itself.

Yes, you have successfully installed the Popcorn Time app using the ES File Explorer app.  Go to Open if you want to run the Popcorn Time app right now and watch some great content. Click Done if you wish to go back to the ES File Explorer and delete the Popcorn Time APK file.

popcorn time download

To access these files and delete them, you should:

Step 1: Click on the Local Menu which you’ll be  able to find on right hand side of the screen.

Step 2: Then click on the second home option in the local menu

Step 3: Enter the downloader and delete the files you want to delete

Step 4: Now, when you do install this app, you will probably not see it jump out on your home page. However, this app can be found in the Apps and Channels section. But you can definitely take it to  your home screen.

Here is how to do that:

Step 1: Hold the home button your remote

Step 2: You’ll see a different  popup

Step 3: Click on apps and channels option

Step 4: Scroll down and find Popcorn time icon which will look familiar from the website

Step 5: Then you can run the app there or move it on the home page

Step 6: If you want to move it, press the menu button on the remote

Step 7: Click move when a popup appears

Step 8: Now move it in the top three rows if you want it to  appear on the home window

Once you enter the app, you will see the Movie section. If you want to, change this in your settings into whatever section you like the best. The app itself is not specifically meant for TV and remote device handling so you might want to install the Mouse Toggle to the FireStick to help you operate the app with ease.

Make sure to check the local laws and regulations concerning the copyright issues and use VPN to help you remain safe on the web.

popcorn time faq

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Popcorn Time Legal?

This will depend largely on where you are from. Some countries can download Popcorn Time app and it’s perfectly legal due to more open policies. Some countries are more strict when it comes to copyright law so there may be some issues there. However, it’s best that you first check with your local authorities on what’s possible and what isn’t. In any case, you can download a VPN no matter where you are from and use Popcorn Time hassle free and without fearing the law. This will really protect you and make you anonymous.

Am I Seeding While Watching Movies on Popcorn Time?

This is a common question among people who download this app. Since you are using torrents, you are seeding, of course. This is great because you are uploading the movie bit by bit and having a great experience. This will happen for as long as you are watching a movie or TV Show on Popcorn Time.

What Happens to The Files When I Finish Watching?

This is another common question – some people don’t want to keep excess files on their devices and some do. It will all depend on your current situation and what you want. For one, you can allow the files to delete themselves after you restart your device or you can opt to keep them. So, none of the files will actually remain in your memory if you choose not to keep them, they are automatically deleted.

popcorn time apk

How Does This App Have All of The Latest Movies for Free?

They use the best movies from all around the web, most of them from YTS. You really get the best value of movies and TV shows as well as anime TV shows and movies, cartoons and others.

Is there an alternative to Popcorn Time?

Sure. You can download Showbox – currently the best alternative with a free database of movies and series for Android

Everything You Need To Know About Popcorn Time APK

Popcorn Time is a freeware available on all major desktop and mobile platforms. The application is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. The latest version of Popcorn Time APK is 5.7.2. The size of the downloadable file is just short of 41 MB. It was last updated on the 5th of May this year. It is by far the most stable version of the app.

Introduction to Popcorn Time APK

Popcorn Team has developed the freeware for users to watch television shows including series and movies online. Popcorntime has an expanding database of movies and television shows. There are already hundreds to choose from. The most popular mode of access among users is Popcorn Time Android. Google Play facilitates free Popcorn Time download. There are other sources for Popcorn download as well.

The Popcorn movie app has a pleasant interface. It is fairly easy to use. Watching an episode or a movie is as simple as selecting it and clicking on play. Popcorn Time has a simple search tool. Users can tap on their phone or tablet and search for the content they want to watch.

The app is appropriately optimized for mobile devices including tablets, which is to say that they are more responsive to touches and taps than conventional access on desktops and laptops. Popcorn Time can also be accessed on Android television. Popcorn Time APK supports high definition video, not just 720p but also 1080p. Most movies and shows have subtitles.

popcorn time apk install

Features of Popcorn Time

A team of designers and developers have compiled multiple APIs to simplify accessing and watching movies via torrent. Movies and television shows do not need to be downloaded through Popcorn Time or any other interface. Once Popcorn Time download is complete, users can simply select the content they want to watch and tap or click on play.

Users can download Popcorn Time for free and continue to access it without paying any subscription. The app has undergone several changes since its inception. The quality of Popcorn movies has improved dramatically with the latest version.

Popcorn Time APK is an open source software. It needs an active internet connection with reliably fast speed for uninterrupted streaming of movies and episodes of television shows. Users can choose standard definition or high definition, with or without subtitles.

The team of developers and designers are continuously working on the improvement of the app and the database is growing almost every day. The app promises the best of torrents from the most reliable and largest sites.

There is no restriction to how many Popcorn movies a user can watch. Users can watch as many shows or movies as they want without any time limitation or frequency of use. The latest version of the software has resolved minor issues that users had reported for the earlier editions. There is no chink in the service right now.

The only issue can be the internet or the speed of data. There are some new features as well, such as the drag and drop option for subtitles. Users can add .srt files to access subtitles within the player. The subtitles shall load instantly and there is no lag, unless the file has an issue. External torrents or subtitles can be conveniently and instantly added to Popcorn movies and shows.

Popcorn Time APK has many features similar to other streaming services. The watched icon for television shows or episodes of a series enables users to know how far they have progressed and can hence resume therefrom.

This is an auto feature. There is a manual version of this feature for movies or standalone videos. Users can complete a video or one of the Popcorn movies and manually tag it as watched so there is a clear indicator and record of progression or viewing history.

popcorn time android

Popcorn Time is now a state of the art streaming platform. It enables the power users to keep downloaded files even if they stop using the software. Such files are not shared through peer to peer networks.

Movies and shows being streamed on the app are not shared via peer to peer networks after they are watched. This eliminates data consumption, while watching or when idle. The selection for subtitle now includes more languages, such as Vietnamese, Thai and Croatian.

Other new features include sorting as per popularity or trending, the RARBG search option in torrent collection, plugin systems for Google Drive, VLC, HTML5 Video and Kat among others. The settings menu has a new order, including visibility and overview.

All reported and detected bugs have been fixed. The software now removes broken filters and provider links, gets direct stream and the Chromecast scrollbar has been fixed.

Download Popcorn Time to Watch Free Movies and Television Shows

Popcorn Time is a freeware. It is an open source software and shall continue to be free for all users. There is not limitation or restriction of any kind. The software works just as efficiently on Windows as it does on Linux and Mac. The latest version is stable and safe. There is no risk of downloading or being vulnerable to viruses, malware or adware while accessing and using the player.

The video quality, collection of movies and shows, the subtitles and streaming efficiency have improved by leaps and bounds. Not too long ago, the app was in its beta phase. Plenty of issues were reported by users and the team of developers had also detected several bugs. All such chinks have been addressed and completely resolved.

Popcorn Time APK is one of the easiest and surefire ways to be entertained, whenever and wherever. Those who intend to watch movies and episodes on the go do not have to worry about excessive consumption of mobile data. There is no upstream or downstream beyond what is being watched.

There is no sharing of files via peer to peer networks after contents have been watched or when the app is in idle mode. But the speed of data and constant availability of internet will influence the quality of the video and uninterrupted streaming.

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